Xtreme Bitch and Pregnancy Tonic
₦ 4,500.00 ₦ 4,500.00 4500.0 NGN
This tonic is specially formulated with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work together to support your dog's immune system, promote healthy skin and coat, and support overall wellness for both the mother and her puppies.
It is made with natural ingredients that are safe for dogs of all ages. It is free from harsh chemicals and artificial preservatives, making it easy to digest and absorb by your dog's body.
The tonic is also easy to administer, simply add it to your dog's food or water, and it will start working immediately to support your dog's overall health and vitality during pregnancy and lactation.
Xtreme Bitch and Pregnancy Tonic is perfect for pet owners who want to take the best care of their furry friends during this special period. It helps to keep your dog energetic, healthy and happy, and it also provides optimal nutrition for both the mother and her puppies.
Toplife Milk for Puppies
₦ 1,600.00 ₦ 1,600.00 1600.0 NGN
Taotao Pet Feeding Bottle
₦ 2,000.00 ₦ 2,000.00 2000.0 NGN
Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk
₦ 24,000.00 ₦ 24,000.00 24000.0 NGN
Kanimal Original Pet Nursing Set
₦ 3,000.00 ₦ 3,000.00 3000.0 NGN
Hateli Milk Feeding Bottle
₦ 2,500.00 ₦ 2,500.00 2500.0 NGN
Goats Milk Esbilac Powder
₦ 14,000.00 ₦ 14,000.00 14000.0 NGN
Esbilac Powder Milk
₦ 13,500.00 ₦ 13,500.00 13500.0 NGN
Drools Pup Booster
₦ 12,000.00 ₦ 12,000.00 12000.0 NGN
Drools Absolute Puppy Milk (500g)
₦ 13,000.00 ₦ 13,000.00 13000.0 NGN
Dill Pet Feeding Bottle
₦ 2,800.00 ₦ 2,800.00 2800.0 NGN
Biopetactive Puppy Milk Replacer 200g
₦ 8,500.00 ₦ 8,500.00 8500.0 NGN
Bio PetActive Puppy Milk Replacer is a nutritional supplement for your puppy, designed by taking a sample of natural breast milk and creating a balanced formula with protein, vitamins, minerals and oils.

Why Choose Bio PetActive Puppy Milk Replacer
Providing all the nutrition needs of prematurely separated puppies, Bio Puppy Puppy Milk Replacer contains all necessary vitamins and minerals and helps healthy muscle and bone growth.

It can also be used as a nutritional supplement for pregnant, nursing, old and weak adult dogs.

Its lactose content is reduced in order to prevent diaorrhea. Bio PetActive Bio Puppy – Puppy Milk Replacer provides a healthy and easily digestible nutrition for your dog.
Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk (2Kg) Bucket Size
₦ 38,000.00 ₦ 38,000.00 38000.0 NGN
About this item
COMPLETE MILK REPLACER MADE WITH WHOLE MILK: For newborn, underweight and orphaned puppies. Beaphar Lactol has saved the lives of countless young animals for over 100 years.
HELPS BOOST COGNTIVE DEVELOPMENT & VISION: Contains superior amino acid content and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which has been shown to help cognitive development and vision.
CLOSELY RESEMBLES THEIR MOTHER’S NATURAL MILK: Made from easily digested whey protein. Ultra-filtration concentrates the proteins, and a slow drying process during production preserves the protein molecules, making it more nutritionally valuable.
ENRICHED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS: Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, providing a perfectly balanced complete feed.
EASY MIXING: No need to whisk, simply mix with a fork.
HOW TO FEED LACTOL: Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set (Bottle, Teats & Brush) or Beaphar Feeding Syringes are ideal for helping you hand rear, or you can mix Lactol into wet food during weaning.
SUITABLE FOR ALL PUPPIES, PREGNANT OR LACTATING DOGS: It is also suitable for sick or convalescing dogs.
Breeders Edge Foster Care Milk Replacer 340g
₦ 14,000.00 ₦ 14,000.00 14000.0 NGN
Breeder's Edge® Foster Care™ Canine Milk Replacer gives your puppies complete and balanced nutrition
Bio-Mos® promotes a healthy GI tract to support the animal's natural defenses
IgY boosts the immune system to protect against disease
Also helpful for pregnant, lactating, or convalescing adult dogs as a nutritional supplement
Beneficial for dogs of all ages to provide additional nutrition
Can be used as a rewarding milk treat
For Puppies

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